Production at the "Tea House" factory has resumed!!!
18 мая 2023 г.
Production at the "Tea House" factory has resumed!!!

1. !!!We are pleased to announce the launch of production at the "Tea House" factory in Almaty.

Unfortunately, raw materials do not come in full, but in batches, and therefore there are still restrictions on the assortment and quantity available for shipment.

We remind you that in order to receive the terms of cooperation, new customers need to fill out an application in the section of the site - "For dealers".

2. There is also unpleasant news, namely: while the factory was not working, "entrepreneurial" companies produced tea under the same brand name "Assam", "Nauryz". It also registered the sale of counterfeit Assam and Nauryz teas with extremely low quality raw materials inside the pack, as well as prohibited dyes.

The lawyer of our company is already engaged in office work on the fact of illegal use of trademarks, cases of forgery. All emerging cases will be strictly suppressed, including with the involvement of inspection bodies by Rospotrebnadzor.

Never be tempted to buy tea at a deep discount from dubious suppliers. Only tea shipped directly from the "Tea House" factory, from Almaty, is a guarantee of high quality, original. Prices are still the same for all our partners.

Administration of the company "Tea House"


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Before loading by the supplier of raw materials in transport unit he sends express mail a tea sample to Tea House laboratory.
The laboratory checks a tea sample on compliance organoleptic to properties, to the established standards. Only after approval by a titester of the Tea House company the container with tea goes back on factory of the city of Alma-Ata.
After arrival on raw-material storage and from it samples for comparison with approved before shipment again undertake. In case of discrepancy the container is rejected and it send back for a supplier account.
Before the raw materials unsubscribe in production, it undergoes repeated testing in laboratory since it could deteriorate in a warehouse.
The raw materials pass final cleaning: via the magnetic reel (once again just in case), a sieve and an extension (to exhaust a dust, it can formed from insignificant destruction of a granule or a leaf during transportation).
After cleaning the raw materials arrive in a blended tower. In the same place it is possible to mix raw materials.
From a blended tower the raw materials arrive on packing: at first it pack into the tight polypropylene metallized package, then the package is packed into a pack. Further the pack is wrapped in an external polypropylene film with a detachable strip. The packer standing at the exit ofthis line checks quality of packing and packs tea into secondarycorrugated packaging.
From each batch 3 samples are written out in laboratory where check already ready-made product: quality of packaging, marking. 1 pack is opened and passes the last control on organoleptic, two others - pass into factory archive as alarm samples. There they are stored 2 years - to expiry date. The archive is updated constantly.